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20th July 2018 
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Treatments Available
Treatments Available. EAR CANDLING

Treatments available


Reflexology is a modern Western therapy in which pressure is applied to distinct areas of the feet. It is both an art and a science. Science because it is based on physiological and neuorological studies and art because of the skill the practitioner applies to the knowledge.

  • What does reflexology do for the person?
    When the body is in a state of imbalance it will not function efficiently. By working on the reflexes of the foot a reflexologist will stimulate the energy pathways thus allowing a chain reaction to enable physiological changes to the body systems.

  • What Conditions Can it Help?
    Everyone can benefit from reflexology. Common complaints such as PMT, back pain, menopausal problems and conditions of the nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems including stress related problems can be helped by reflexology.
    However treatment will not be carried out if you are suffering from DVT, internal bleeding or have a history of unstable pregnancy or if you are pregnant and in the first trimester. Always check with your GP if you are unsure about your current medical condition.

  • What Benefits can be Expected?
    Reflexology may not remove the cause of the disease but you can be made more comfortable and may ease your symptoms. It may significantly improve your general condition, activate excretory organs, normalise the respiratory system and assist in better control of the bladder and bowels.
    In this way, reflexology can improve the qualitity of life.

    Cost of treatment 38.00 per session. Book and pay for 6 sessions and get the 7th one free!!


    Reiki is a Japanese word - pronounced "RAY-KEY". It is defined as Universal Life Giving Energy. It can be used for all purposes, conditions and situations. It is used by people from all faiths, philosophies and beliefs to transmit healing energy to a recipient.
    We respond to the energy all around us without realising it. By transmitting this energy you are being harmonised at the same time.
    Reiki is not an alternative to conventional medicine and you should always consult your GP about your condition.

    Cost of session 38.00

    Indian Head Massage

    The physical benefits of Indian Head Massage are:

  • Increased blood flow to the head and scalp – thereby increasing nutrients and oxygen to local area
  • Stimulates and improves drainage to the lymphatic system to the head and neck – thereby eliminating waste material from the body
  • Migraine, sinusitis, insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns
  • Relieves mental and physical strain to improve concentration and better productivity
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Decreases stress levels
  • Increases concentration
  • Promotes a feeling of balance throughout the body

    Cost of treatments 30.00 for 20 minutes, 40.00 for 40 minutes.
    Hot and Cold massage treatment for aching and tired muscles throughout the body. Hot and cold towels are applied to area, followed by remedial massage. 35 for 40 mins- 1 hour.

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  • Treatments Available. INDIAN HEAD