Reflexology with Dawn Gosling

20th July 2018 
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Typical Session
Typical Session. FOOT CHART

A Typical Reflexology Session

Firstly, you will undergo and full and thorough free consultation to establish any current medical problems or needs. We will establish a programme that is specifically tailored to your health requirements.
After consultation the treatment will normally last for around 45 - 1 hour minutes.

All sessions are undertaken in a calming atmosphere and people generally feel relaxed and uplifted after treatment.

It is recommended that you have a series of treatments (usually between 4 and 6)for maximum benefit.

Cost of each session is 38.00 . Book and pay for six sessions and get SEVENTH SESSION FREE


A Typical Ear Candling Session

Ear Candling calms the mind and soothes the ear and head.
You will lie down on a couch on your side with your head in a comfortable posiiton. A candle is lit and placed gently in the ear. The healing properties of the vibration of the flame gently massages the ear drum. This induces a feeling of balance and warmth. The treatment is concluded with a gentle face and neck massage.

It is recommended that three treatments are best for maximum benefit.

Cost of each session is 35.

A Typical Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage helps with headaches, neck and shoulder tension attributed to stress. Known to greatly help those who work at a computor or desk all day.

For this treatment you will be seated in a chair, and if comfortable, your back and shoulders bare - (you will be covered with a towel). A deep massage of the back, shoulder, neck and head.
There is a lunchtime version that lasts 20 minutes, that will allow you to return to work and get on with your day feeling more relaxed.

Depending on your health needs an Indian Head Massage treatment can be sporadic. However, if you have problems with headaches, shoulder and neck tension, more regular treatments are recommended.

The cost of a 20 minute Indian Head Massage is 25.00 and a 40 minute Indian Head Massage is 30.00.